Embracing Our Diversity

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Having had a tremendous appreciation for Michael Moore’s many years of progressive activism, I was thrilled when my daughter-in-law gave me tickets for my birthday to see Michael Moore on Broadway.

He did not disappoint. Nor did he miss pointing out the immoral and unethical abuses, corruption and contentious policies of the Trump administration, supported by the Republican held House and Senate…..all to make America white again.

Whether it was about our lack of gun laws to protect American citizens; whether it was the dismantling of our protective agencies and educational system; whether it was the suppression of voter rights, or whether the attempted eradication of civil liberties and civil rights ……they were all targets for Moore.

He didn’t waste time, just minutes into his two hour show, stressing the strength garnered from all that a transgender person has to go through just to get through school, that he would prefer a transgender person fighting for him in the military any day!

Although all of us are effected by the current climate in Washington and some other parts of the world, it is people of color, LGBTQ, women, anyone who isn’t a white heterosexual male, who mainly suffer: economic injustice, egregious immigration laws, the undoing of women’s rights, LGBT rights, civil rights.

He invited the sold-out theater to become active. We can’t afford to be passive. Actively resist in any way you can. He encouraged us to “be bold”. If you are active, be more active. If you haven’t been active, do something, small things. We can’t let the depression and PTSD from the attempts on the annihilation of our diversity, to paralyze us. “ All of us have to be willing to put ourselves out there.”

If we do nothing, we could lose not only our civil rights and liberties but our democracy. If we are American, we must vote in November, 2018, people into office who will serve us. Phone calls and petitions and rallies and marches are good.  Speaking up is good.  Let’s not lose our democracy because we thought someone else should take care of it.