Gift Ideas for the Nature Lover in Your Life

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Shopping for nature lovers can be tough. What do you buy for someone who wants to spend all of their time outside? Thankfully, there are plenty of awesome items out there that can enhance and improve any outdoor excursion, from day hikes to glamping adventures. If you’re looking for the perfect budget-friendly gift for your outdoorsy friend, then look no further! Here are some thoughtful and unique ideas to get you started.

Functional Outdoor Equipment

High-quality outdoor equipment is always a safe bet when shopping for a nature lover. For example, a portable hammock can provide your friend with a convenient lounging spot on hikes, camping trips, and forest bathing excursions. A new backpack is another functional gift that will get a lot of use. Look for a bag that’s comfortable and sports lots of compartments to hold various supplies. Since good quality backpacks can be pricey, search for bag deals on sites like Rakuten to save money on your perfect gift. You may also want to consider other useful, smaller items like a bright lantern, water filtration system, or lightweight cookware. 

Luxuries and Cozy Comforts

Who says that camping has to be uncomfortable? Consider treating your gift recipient with some luxury camping items like a portable espresso maker, solar shower, or a big packable blanket. If you can knit, save money and add some sentimental value to your gift by making cozy wool socks or mittens by hand. Or, put together a little care package with body wipes, moisturizing lotion, lip balm, dry shampoo, sunscreen, and mouthwash to keep your friend feeling fresh-faced out there. You could also make a first-aid kit, spice kit, or snack kit — complete with all of the supplies someone would need for smores!

Camping Games and Activities

Camping is already fun, but a few games can make an outdoors weekend with friends truly unforgettable. Modern board games are expensive and come with lots of small pieces that can get lost in the forest. Instead, consider picking up a Cribbage board or Yatzy set—these are super affordable and make for great picnic table games. If you’re buying a gift for a family, include some games or activities to please the little ones. Today’s Parent recommends small kits filled with various craft supplies and kid-friendly guidebooks.

Educational Materials and Guides

For the nature lover who seemingly has every outdoor gadget, consider going the educational route with your gift. Books — those affordable gifts that nearly everyone loves — can teach outdoor enthusiasts how to do nearly anything in the woods, from locating water to foraging for food. Illustrated guides and humorous handbooks are always a pleasure to read. If your friend likes to venture off the beaten path, a wilderness map or national forest atlas might be perfect.

Non-Material Gifts

Remember, your gift doesn’t have to be something tangible. Hostelworld claims that experience gifts are more fulfilling than material gifts for both the gift-giver and the recipient. Consider giving your friend a membership to a wildlife organization or a voucher for an outdoors course. You could even plan an excursion together! This is a very thoughtful, budget-friendly option and a great way to strengthen your relationship — just make sure you’ll enjoy the outdoor adventure too! You can also sponsor a tree, a section of rainforest, or make a donation to a charity that supports the environment. Charity donation gifts are an excellent option for those people in your life who beg you not to buy them anything.

Outdoorsy people may not need a lot of stuff, but this doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a meaningful gift. Put thought into your present and try to find something that your nature-loving friend will be able to use and enjoy on their adventures. Remember, the best presents are not the ones that are the most expensive, but those that are chosen with care.