Getaway and Retreat

Whether you want to sit by your campfire,

hike wooded trails, walk a fieldstone labyrinth,

our nature is here to nurture,

revitalize and revivify.


Harmony Hill has 70 private acres, with a couple of yurts, a cabin we call the mountain chalet, hiking trails and a fieldstone labyrinth. The yurts are tucked in the woods. The cabin is at the edge of the woods.

Sit on your deck and read a book. Enjoy the sounds of nature. Chipmunks scurry. Birds call to one another. Treetops chatter with gentle breezes. Maybe you’ll want to write a poem……… or take a nap.


If you’re feeling a little ambitious, follow the lower trail as it crosses a small creek and goes through the white pine forest. Take the upper trail where you can pick blackberries in season. Follow a stone fence to see where it leads. Find the trail that ends up behind the yurts. Walk the lower trail and happen upon Whimsical Meditation Corner.

bench facing labyrinth near woods and meadow

The fieldstone labyrinth is located in the 2-acre meadow. Focus on the path as it leads to the center. As you feel centered, follow the path back to its beginning. Sit on a nearby bench and focus on the view of the neighboring fields and hills. Or focus on your life.

You can cook and eat in your kitchen, or grill and eat out at your picnic table. If one of you says, ‘I’m not cooking’, you can order a meal from a nearby farm or dine at a local restaurant.

outdoor fire blazing

Watch the blaze of a red-orange sun set behind the next hill over. Its the best time of day to see the deer munching in the middle field. Gather some twigs and small branches for your campfire. Larger pieces of wood are cut and stacked near your campfire.

Before you tuck in for the night, take a flash light and find your way to the meadow. You might want to bring that old blanket you brought to lie on so you can have a better view of our starry nights. You might even see a shooting star and get to touch the Milky Way.


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Want some “Off the Hill” fun kayak in the Susquehanna, swim in a nearby lake, fish in the Delaware, drive or hike the countryside, browse your way through a book village, visit a winery, dine at local restaurants. Shop farmers’ markets and find the covered bridges. Enjoy museums, attend a concert. In the winter, cross-country on our trails, or ski at Ski Plattekill. Click here for information on local attractions.

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