Professional Services

While on The Hill, if you would like more than our nature to nurture you, choose from these professional services…..

Coaching & Healing Sessions with
Chris Rosenthal, M.S., LMHC, C.HT
Coaching/Therapy Sessions – $150 per hour
Past Life Regression Therapy – $150 1.25 hour
Guided Meditation – $30 half hour
Reiki Treatments – $60 hour
Additional Healing Arts Available
Yoga Instruction – $60 for 1 hour session
Traditional Massage – $80 for 1 hour session
Guided Intuitive Nature Walks – $90 approx 1 hour
Intuitive Readings – $80 for 1 hour/$50 for half hour

Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring & Counseling

Chris brings her masters level training in psychology and her years of experience in management and counseling to her role as a Personal Coach. She offers counseling, consulting, and advising to assist you in going, growing, and glowing through life’s transitions. She will assist you in devising strategies to bring to you what you really want in life. Create your life rather than react to life. Realize your dreams. Challenge perceived limitations. Clarify desires. Explore possibilities. Expand your potential. Develop your inner wisdom.

Couples Coaching

Couple coaching is available to couples wanting to bring healing and harmony into their relationship, regardless of their current status. Couples may choose to have just one or two sessions or a series of sessions during their stay. Click for more information on the couples coaching page.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Chris is a certified hypnotist and has used regression techniques to heal wounds of the past that persist in the present. Regression Therapy is a means of going any where into your past, regardless of the distance in time.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is offered, using words and imagery to gently lead you to a place within yourSelf. One need not be in a practice of meditation in order to benefit from this experience.

Reiki Treatments

(pronounced ray-key): Reiki is a means of providing access to the unlimited light-filled Energy inside of us and in our Universe, and directing that energy to bring balance, harmony, and healing into our lives and the lives of others on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Chris offers Reiki treatment sessions which she calls “a massage for the soul” which consists of the gentle laying on of hands on a fully clothed prone body. Chris also offers first and second-degree classes, as well as master level training in this ancient natural method of healing. Having become a master in 1988, Chris is a traditional Reiki Master whose lineage is Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Gray, Rosenthal.

Other Healing Arts Services, Personal Journeys


Traditional yoga in a one on one or group instruction with one of our independent yoga instructors. (schedule in advance for availability of instructor)

Traditional Massage

All traditional massage disciplines are typically available – from deep tissue to Swedish. (schedule in advance for availability of masseuse and masseur)

Labyrinth Walks

The sacred geometry journey to the center of the labyrinth can be like a walking meditation, assisting in centering and inner reflection. Click for more information on the labyrinth.

Guided Intuitive Nature Walks

Take a guided intuitive nature walk along Harmony Hills trails and reap the benefits of “forest bathing”  or shinrin-yoku – immersing oneself in nature by indulging the senses, while exploring intuitive and interpretative messages from nature. about one hour

Intuitive Readings

Explore possibilities with blended, interactive images to provide clarity and guidance. One-hour readings.
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