retreating into summer

winter white snow

retreating to a retreat center is a cool thing to do in summer.
at 2000 elevation, its generally 10 degrees cooler in the middle of our meadow than in the city.  move into the woods to a yurt and its 10 degrees cooler than in the meadow.

guests are coming to sit on their deck in the shade with the novel they haven’t had time to read.  they are coming to go kayaking on the susquehanna and to swim in a nearby lake.  they are coming to hike trails and grill out and have a campfire.  they are coming to disconnect so that they can reconnect.

families enjoy the chalet cabin with its wrap-around deck, balcony off the sleeping loft and plenty of  windows with views.

summer will be flowing into fall soon.  so choose your season.  for whatever the reason.