Harmony Hill’s Fieldstone Labyrinth

labyrinth-field from Kucka K.

Photo taken by Lucka K.

Harmony Hill’s eleven circuit labyrinth, patterned after the one in Chartres de Cathedral in France and the Grace Cathedral in California, was listed as one of the top four labyrinths in the country in 2005 to visit and walk. The labyrinth was handmade, taking a year to complete. We used our own homegrown fieldstone on the property….harvesting, cutting, laying, and setting them into their new home within the 44 ft labyrinth on the knoll of our 2-acre meadow.

The fieldstone seemed to have joyfully volunteered themselves for this project. The bluestones in the center and the turns came from a nearby quarry. The 113 lunations that edge the circumference complete this work of art and sacred geometry. The labyrinth is open for the enjoyment & use of the general public unless workshop events are scheduled.


Photo taken by Lucka K.

Workshop Participants – Photo by Chris Rosenthal 2006

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